About us

Wood Hills Resort is the ideal retreat to enjoy your stay. With 24 enhanced luxurious bungalows offering outdoor seating with designated views and a multitude of to do activities and beautiful outdoors you can relax, get active, and enjoy the ultimate combination of nature and luxurious experience.

Whether you book your bungalow with a resort view, mountain view or pool view, a designated car parking next to your cabin is reserved to you for easy access.

For a whole experience, enjoy special meals starting with our tasteful Lebanese breakfast, indulge a dine in experience in the symphony of tastes that Rouby Restaurant has to offer—where the Lebanese Twist meets the soulful essence of Lebanon. Join us for an exploration of culinary delights, and let your senses dance to the rhythm of Lebanese hospitality, our food court serving in a relaxing ambiance easy to go food and our pool bar with a range of refreshing and tasty beverages by the pool.

To top off your stay engage in our activities and benefit from all Wood Hills Resort has to offer. Our outdoor seasonal pool and lounges are available for you to sit back and relax, the kids area is a safe playground for your kids to enjoy as much as you while you can benefit from your time away from home and if you are looking for adventure, set in a beautiful area our touring and camping space is suitable for families, couples or hikers wanting to explore.

Book now and enjoy all Wood Hills Resort have to offer in all 4 seasons.